Intuitive Healing

Intuitive Healing

Did you every have that ‘gut feeling’ or that ‘knowing’ that something wasn’t right or you needed to make a certain decision, you felt it. This is your intuition, everyone has the capacity to tune into that and I have through many years experience found that I’m guided to do or treat a client in a certain way by combining different treatments and techniques in order to best serve their needs. I use it as a tool for healing, by finding and correcting imbalances in my client’s energy flow

Intuitive Healing Health Benefits

It’s a holistic approach to energy healing that uses your intuition, guidance, connection to source to receive intuitive information about a client’s energetic body and current situation. Within the healing session, a range of modalities and tools may be used to promote deep consciousness and healing. These include Reiki, Rahanni Celestial healing, Old Irish healing, crystals, divining, and angel/oracle cards.
An intuitive Healing session will last about 45 mins-60 minutes and will include consultation with the client and energetic healing work within the body. During the healing component of the session you will be asked to lie, fully clothed on a massage table and gently taken into a deep state of rest and relaxation. A range of tools may be used through the session including essentials oils, crystals, sound therapy and clearing sage or Palo Santo. You may feel a range of emotions or physical symptoms through the healing session, including heat, cold waves of energy running through the body, discomfort, see colours, images or you may just go into a very deep state of relaxation. These are all completely normal and part of the healing process. At the end the healing you will be gently brought back to a conscious stated and guided back into your day. An important part of the healing process is using the tools/advice given to each client at the end of the treatment.
Every client is different, and every session will be different depending on what is being cleared and cleansed. An important part of the healing process is using the tools/advice given to each client at the end of the treatment. Physical symptoms are a completely normal part of intuitive healing and some may last only during the session, whilst some may last longer. It is important to drinks lots of water after the session and to listen to your body and what it needs. You may also be given homecare advice to help your healing journey/process  

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