In choosing an alternative therapy I always believe that the person you chose is just as important as the therapy. You need that match or connection, it’s part of the healing process and one that will elevate your experience and without a doubt add so much more to your health and healing. So whenever your gut feels like that connection isn’t there, trust it, it could be the therapy of choice isn’t right for you but also the therapist so try another. You don’t have to keep going with something out of obligation, it’s your body, your health, your wellbeing, always your choice.

What you will find is that when you match with the right one you will know, your body and mind will just relax as it feels the safety of that space that is provided in that moment and that leads you on a path of honouring yourself but lifting your energy and it’s easy, you just know you made the right decision and trust that, based on your own knowing, not what anyone else has said/recommended, advised, trust yourself because that connection and that inner knowing otherwise you may miss the beauty of being able to fully immerse yourself on that journey of growth and healing, I feel you’ll only receive a portion, so why settle for anything less then what you truly need and deserve.

You’ll know, trust me so keep going until you feel that connection that is where the works and the beauty begins, what’s created when you choose your therapist/therapy based upon how you feel will open up an experience like no other, that will support your healing journey, you’ll know you made the right decision for you. And remember it’s ok if it’s just a stepping stone in the right direction.

I always trust that the right person will be led to me if I’m the right match for them, I just allow and trust because I know that when that connection is formed we can literally move mountains together, which not only excites me but I can see the light in my clients eyes as we know that at that moment, we have an opportunity to explore helping someone on their healing journey and I’m honoured to be part of that.

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