As you throw away old beliefs and thoughts that no longer serve you, you become free of the restraints of others, you finally start to look in and trust yourself. We all have those beliefs and ideas, we needed them, they helped us survive, and they helped us live. But that 3 year old, 8 year old or even 12 year old you had to adapt, mould, and trust someone else’s voice, opinion, ideas, thoughts as your own in order to get through.

Now I’m not talking about blame, this has been a part of growing up, the paths we chose and our core caregivers do the best they could with the knowledge/conditioning they had and are only human, who make mistakes and only did the best with what they had. Out of old patterns and conditioned ways of reacting, thinking and doing we were born from a system that now as an adult no longer serves us.

Being a good/quiet obedient 3 year old where your voice is not free, you adapted quickly or learnt to as you needed to, as to keep others happy so you formed a thought process, a belief around that at such a young age to help you survive your little world and cope with big emotions, energies and responsibilities and the heaviness around you. You did your best and so did those around you. Everyone’s situations will be wrapped differently so you are the only one who can unpack it, but it’s how we interpreted those situations, true or not to actuality of the situation that our young minds and souls adapted as best it could.

For all of us we do better when we know better. Life has a way of hopefully untangling those thoughts and beliefs that you’ve gathered about yourself at any age growing up that you’ve come to realise isn’t you, truly you. So now you are left to tease out that beautiful soul and acknowledge the unique light as it’s begins to shine, one step and one day at a time. Doing our own self healing is a journey and a choice, some will make that choice, start and stop and others awareness may not even glimpse it, but remember you are on your own path, your own journey and that’s your only job, to do what’s right for you. No judgement.

So if you choose to take that step, you will see the freedom it will bring, the release, and yes the fears, doubts, leaps forward and sometimes bounce back but that’s the dance of life, it’s a journey we take and it continues with us, not always easy but always worth it. So just notice, become aware when faced with a decision or situation if you are reacting as that hurt 3 year old or 10 year old and if it’s from a thought, beliefs that is true for you, ask yourself if this is right for me and it could be as easy as choosing a different reply, approach, reaction or taking that moment and doing some work around it but either way, we are gifted those situations as you open up to that path, spiritual journey of reconnecting with your soul.

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